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Welcome to "QUALITY SERVICES" (Electronics and Instrumentation)"Based on its innovative and creative technological capacity for development, our company aims to be the unsurpassed service partner for top Global Industrial Electronics Maintenance companies."

We have started with “ V=IR” NOW CAN WORK ON MPU’s”,

“Quality Services” is a organization as a team of qualified and long experienced engineers under taking specialized Repairing, Maintenance of electronics equipments. We are undertaking most of the instrumentation and electronics system Repairing/Modification/Development job. In short Quality Services provides “Total Economical Solution to your entire Industrial Electronics Repairing, Maintenance and equipment requirements”

By means of well organized instruments and electronics work shop, with all latest test equipments, Data Bank of Electronics circuits, Components, Hardware and long experience, qualified, skilled dedicated technical men power, we are in position to provide you “Total Economical timely solution to all your electronics and instrumentation requirements”.

Repairing of Tata Honey-Well, Yokogawa, Foxbro make DCS System Cards, CRT, Power Supply’s, other cards, Vibration sensing equipments, Accuload and other process control systems, Logic Cards, ignition cards Processor board etc is our Specialty.

As specialized job we are doing repairing of Tata-Honeywell, Yokogawa, ABB, Foxbro DCS, PLC all kind of Cards , Line Card, Channel Cards, System Controller CRT’s, etc. with all OEM specification in very cost effective manner.

Warranty After Service is the most Power Full Factor we provide to our valuable Customers for full satisfaction and long term reliability of repaired critical plant instruments and we can provide maximum warranty for repaired instruments as we are maintaining all critical standards of Industrial repair.

Our Major Goal area:

Reduce Delay in Procurement time for industries
Give most economical and reliable repair service and reduce High Cost to purchase the replacements from the Original Equipments Manufacturers
Reduce the Downtime for critical operational equipment.
Provide expert on-site engineering assistance to share our repairing, maintenance knowledge and solve critical problems.
Below is a small list of the units we repair, please feel to contact us about anything not in the list.

DCS System Cards

PLC System



SCADA Systems

Power Supply’s

Battery Charger/Inverter

PID Controllers

CPu And Processors

AC/DC Drive

Fire/Gas Alarm Systems

Flow Computers/Flow Meters


I/O Module, I/O Cards

On-line / Offline UPS System

V/I, I/I, Mathematical Conversation Cards

Pressure Transmitters

Vibration Monitoring Systems





LPG/CNG Fuel Loading Controller/ Systems

Batch Controllers

Way-Bridge Controllers and Automation

All Control Room Equipments.


Electrical Igniters

G.T Electronics

Hydro Analyzer Electronics Cards

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